The #strikeitout movement

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The #strikeitout movement enables our instagram community to literally strike through negativity, a challenging relationship experience, or maybe a hurtful statement someone/a partner has said to you in the past. Whatever you feel you need to strike through, THIS IS YOUR TIME.

Follow these steps to use our Strike It Out filters…

-Firstly…follow us! @the_mind_set_london

-Go to our profile.

-Tap on the ‘filters’ icon (above our grid of posts), select which one you love the most, and get snapping!

-Don’t forget to post your strike through selfie, tell us what negativity you’re striking out and how empowered you feel! Be sure to tag us and hashtag #strikeitout so we can share in your selfie empowerment!

It is time to make some noise…so don’t hold back!

Why #strikeitout?

The ‘/’ in our logo represents the ‘I’, or the individual.

In this form it is a strike-through; addressing the negative with
the aim to #strikeitout.

We aim to inspire a shift in an individual’s mindset; representing
a forward movement into positivity.

Together we can #strkeitout slogan | The Mind Set